Easy Ways To Give Your Home a Facelift

Do you have the urge to redecorate your home now that your Holiday decorations and tree are put away? Thankfully redecorating doesn’t have to be stressful or extravagant and can all be done yourself.  Simple changes, such as new paint and re-arranging furniture can help give your home a new look.

Creating an accent wall is a great way to make a powerful statement within a room.  Only limiting it to one wall will prevent the color from being overwhelming but still adding focus to your room.  You can also add a single framed piece of artwork to the center of your wall to create a center of attention and complete the room.

If you don’t want to take the time to paint quite yet, there are other simpler options to liven up your home.  Purchasing vibrant colored throw pillows or blankets to your couch our chairs will help cheer up your old furniture.

Want to use some pictures you might already have? You can pick favorite family photos and make them all uniform by having them printed in black and white or sepia tones. Framing them in different sized frames and textures but of the same color theme will make a great looking streamlined photo collage.

Purchasing new lamps to give an accent to the room and can completely change the mood of a room.  To go the less expensive route, you can simply purchase new light shades.  Replacing heavy drapes with sheer or semi-transparent curtains to filter natural outside light helps give a calm ambiance to the room.

Providing plants and flowers within the house can help fill awkward floor spaces and give color to dull areas of the house.

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