Get Your Lawn Looking Its Best With Minimal Effort

Keep Your Lawn Thick and Green

Do you enjoy having your lawn look its best on your street but don’t want to put much effort into it?  Check out some helpful tips to getting your lawn looking its best with minimal effort:

  • Fertilizer, weed killer, and bug prevention. – Buy fertilizer twice a year for the appropriate time of the year.  Use a broadcast spreader and in early Fall, use a winterizer type of fertilizer and at early Spring, use a fertilizer/week killer combo to prepare for Spring.  You can also spread some combo insect killer around mid Spring to prevent ants, grubs and other lawn pests.
  • Cut your lawn at the second highest mower setting.  By mowing each week at the same level, you only cut the tips of the lawn which allows the grass to flourish and the weeds to fail.  Mow the edge of your grass every 2-3 weeks.
  • Use a mulching mower.  If you mulch your clippings and return them to the lawn, it is food for the grass.  This also saves you time so you do not have to bag the clippings.
  • Water one inch per week.  You can split that up into a 1/2″ of water two times a week.  Test it by putting  a pan in your lawn when you water and if it takes an hour to fill up your pan a 1/2″, then you know splitting up your watering during the week to make up two hours will be the exact amount your lawn needs.
  • Use hose reels so you don’t have to deal with the hassle of getting your hose untangled each time you use it, should you not have an underground watering system.  Hose reels that use water pressure to automatically roll the hose in work great and also make a great gift!

Make sure to visit Ace Hardware Carlsbad to pick up any of your lawn improvement needs!  Get your lawn looking its best this summer…it all starts at Ace Hardware Carlsbad!

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One thought on “Get Your Lawn Looking Its Best With Minimal Effort

  1. Reblogged this on lawnandborder and commented:
    Im based in the UK so its nice to see how you guys do it across the pond. Good to know its basically the same. Thanks Guys

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